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Thread: Trade Verification between tibiastore & Kevin13

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    Trade Verification between tibiastore & Kevin13

    Im going to buy account from user Kevin13.

    Trade is about ~600 EK Open PvP, transferable with express, comes with set.

    trade goes under conditions from my buying section:

    Today going to receive account login, password and confirmation key to account.

    Price is set for 1350 USD and will be paid via paypal gift.

    -50% will be paid today after confirmation key check.
    -50% will be paid after 30days once registration change is done.

    During registration change i won't bot, or offer account for sell, until registration is not changed and account paid to Kevin13.

    Can you confirm @Kevin13

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    I can confirm.

    best trusted buyer/reseller out there to date!!

    Thank you.

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