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03-10-2012, 01:27 PM
All answers assume you are using the latest version of XenoBot.

Q: I'm using waypoints made with version 2.2.1 or lower and they seem to get stuck a lot. How can I fix this?
A: This is due to the implementation of global arrow-key walking in version 2.3.0. To prevent lag, XenoBot's pathfinder is limited to a 50 SQM radius - this causes it to get stuck when trying to traverse a path to locations further than 50 SQMs. In order to circumvent this issue, you may do one of two things:
Remake your waypoints to have nodes at closer intervals. This solution is the best.
Enable "Map Clicking" in the "Pathfinding" window. This solution is not recommended unless you have high ping or a very slow processor.
Q: Where do my saved XenoBot Settings go?
A: Since version 2.0.4, XenoBot Settings have been located in "My Documents/XenoBot/Settings."

Q: How can I execute a .Lua script with the XenoBot Scripter?
A: You must first place the script in "My Documents/XenoBot/Scripts." Once the file is in place, you must bring up the in-game XenoBot menu and select "Scripter." Your script should be in the list on the left. Select it and select "Execute Script."

Q: How do I loot items to multiple backpacks?
A: The bot automatically deposits in child backpacks of the one you have setup. This only works if the child backpack is the last item in the configured container.

To be continued when I have more time and more questions to answer.