I think I could be a great help to the moderator team here, so I'll post a quick application:

Personal Information
My real name is Sam, as you probably guessed. I'm 17 years old, and live in BC, Canada. My hobbies include snowboarding, dirt biking, 4x4ing, partying and last but not least; playing tibia.

I've been around online communities for years and have a huge amount of knowledge about them. I know what I'm doing when it comes to forum softwares (especially vBulletin). Some of the largest communities I've been a part of:
  • Global Moderator on OTFans.net (2 or 3 years now)
  • Administrator/Global Moderator on Tibiafans.com (long time ago)

I've also had lots of experience with my own forums, I've ran several forums, however it's been a few years since I've done anything. Just to give you a point of reference, the last time was around when vB4 was first released.

Aswell as experience with forums, I've been playing tibia for several years as well. My highest level non-bought character was a 180+ EK and 125+ ED. I just recently started playing tibia again and am currently playing on Celesta. I feel that with my vast knowledge of forums and of Tibia, I could be a great team player on your moderation team here at Xenobot.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me via PM.