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Thread: [Application] Panainz

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    [Application] Panainz

    I'm writing this application hoping that it will stand out. I'm not gonna bullshit you how honest and helpful I am, because simply it's almost impossible to prove it online by just writing one thread. What I can do is give you my word that I will do my best (unless ofc you decide to choose me).

    About me
    My real name is Jan, but it's probably easier if I will be recognised as Panainz. I was born in Poland and lived there till I turned 14, after that my parents sent me off to boarding school in England. I have passed my A levels (english SATs) few months ago and currently I am enjoying my gap year before I go to university (which will probably happen next year). I spend most of my time in London doing voluntary work and some extra courses, but I also go to Warsaw quite often as my family lives there. Huh, I've probably told you enough about my personal life. My english is basically fluent. I have access to internet almost at all times, whether I'm at home chilling or out with my laptop, so I'm gonna be able to do my job almost all the time. I'm also quite good with people as I've taken Sociology as one of my A level subjects :P
    You can check out my picture in the real life thread

    My experience
    I have played Tibia since 2004 so I know quite a lot about it I've been using many bots, but mainly NG, blackd and Neo. You can look me up on Neo forums, my nick there is Panainz (just like here :P). I even had my own free scripting project. Unfortunatelly I haven't been a moderator at any Tibia related forums, but I used to be a Moderator at a biking related forum, so I'm not a newbie.

    I think I'm gonna make a good moderator, as I'm quite friendly (I avoid conflicts) and I'm gonna spend lot of time here anyway as I'm an active botter

    I hope you liked what you've just read,
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