Greetings all,

Im Mitch from inferna; currenty playing in dolera, ive also played other worlds including premia and furora. I have many level 100's and a few level 200's. I have been playing since 2002.

Im not a troll, i do have a life outside of tibia., but i can commit to be a good use on your forums. I would appreciate the ability to earn trust and respect in the community surrounding the game tibia nd xenobot.

A little info about myself; im 20 almost 21 and work in an english bank in London. I hold the position of a complaints manager so i know how to handle situations and reason with the inforatmion put before me.

I am at this moment in time applying for university 2013, the course i will study is law based on peoples rights in retail and online purchasing. My distant future involves me opening my own law firm and help people with court cases.

I like a challenge and things to preoccupy my mind as i get bored very quick if something doesnt interest me or involve change. Im looking to gain respect and responsibiity.

I dont know what you will make of this post but its on to be taken seriously,

Thank you for reading!
Yours, Mitch