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Thread: Erra's Application

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    Erra's Application

    DarkstaR, I am here to kiss your ass and tell you how good you are, I am here to support you through your hard times.
    The truth is, I might not be the most active person at all times, but I am honest, always. There's no past haunting me, nor will there ever be.

    But, this isn't only a declaration of love, it's a serious job application as well.

    I'm Erik, a Swede who's turning 19 in 5 days. I can't seem to quit Tibia no matter how hard I try, I love reading and maintaining forums and I have been ever since TProgramming. All I want is to make other's and my own experience more pleasant when reading those forums. My moderating experience: TProgramming -> ElfBot NG -> NeoBot, and a few other forums which have no connection to Tibia. You already know me a little, which I hope is a good thing. I've been making scripts for NG, NeoBot and hopefully yours as well in a near future, if that counts.

    There's really not much more to say, I guess.

    Best regards,

    PS. I'm actually not gay.
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    hehe idk but kissin ass isnt good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erra View Post
    PS. I'm actually not gay.
    I thought you were gonna tell them about us for a minute.

    My specs || 2.7GHz dual core AMD Athlon x2 || 4Gb DDR2 RAM || OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit || 1407Mb graphic memory ||

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