So I found one lua script that work only in half I mean text appear with person who attack me and targeting stop but the problem is walker is still going through all the waypoints instead of staying in designated point(in my case its label named "Go")

Here's the script:

BattleMessageProxy.OnReceive('Leave_If_Player_Atta ck', function(proxy, message)
damage, creature = string.match(message, 'You lose (%d+) %a+ due to an attack by (.+).')
if Creature.New(creature):isPlayer() then
print("[BOT] Player attacked you, leaving to safe spot.")
Walker.Goto('Go') <---- I tried with (Go) ("Go") and none of them work
wait(2000, 3000)

All I want to go to label named "Go" and stay in there doing nothing please someone help