Pirran in the video is a local carspotter who's been trying to find this car for such a long time, close to 2 years.
The owner happened to be a good friend of mine, so I gave him a call and we went to surprise him and to pick him up in his absolute dreamcar for a photoshoot he'll never forget.

He was shaking when he got out of the car. Almost crying ( out of joy, I hope? )
Hope you guys enjoy it!

Fun fact about the SV in the video, I drove it with 422 KM on the clock back in 2016. Second person to drive it apart from the lamborghini staff.
300 km home to Gothenburg from the dealership located in Malmö + a few errands around the city with the car. Then it was my turn!

Bonus: My R8 can be spotted in the background as camera vehicle