Hey everyone, I'm not sure who still looks at this forum That was around for the Original Collapser, and even if you weren't around then should come check out this server Snafu the owner, me and couple other players have been doing all we can to remember things from collapser zulu, we are getting close to having it almost the same other than the little odds and ends, Legacy Online Collapserlegacy.com

Go check out the website, make a character and be apart of the community, we would love to have you! There is a custom client on the website!

There is some older players on here already, like Breezy (jade), Rillary (me), Snafu (owner), Hanon (Lethal), Jotttn, The Lac.

Come check it out, If you come on, use help chat saying this is where you found out about it, that way we know where we are getting players from. Help chat is the chat we all mainly use to talk, so please remember to send a message into help chat.

All monsters and spawns are functional, and fishing system is functional. Everything works as it should, and is always receiving little updates to make it that much better. Server is always looking to be better, also always looking for new input and new players to add to the community. If you see something and think it needs to be fixed or tweaked a bit don't be afraid to say something to us!!

~*Port*~: 7171
~*Client*~: Tibia 8.6/own client
~*Uptime*~: 24/7
~*Magic rate*~: x6
~*Skills rate*~: x5
~*Loot rate*~: x2
~*Hosted In*~: U.S.A
~*Website*~: Collapserlegacy.com
~*Exp Rate*~: 25x - 1x
~*Map*~: Custom, Collapser Zulu old maps.
~*Server Type*~: PvP

More Features:
~*Poi Quest*~
~*Balanced vocations*~
~*Fishing system, with Monsters*~
~*Addons system*~