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Thread: All scripts are crashing with library error

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    All scripts are crashing with library error

    Since next big update on Windows 10 that i get 3 days ago I'v got problem with all scripts (no metter that script is from official xeno or not). When i trying to load script, then I'v got error like this: 19:44 Welcome to XenoBot!
    19:44 XenoScript Error:
    Script: [MS] Fenrock Dragon Lords.lua
    Error: cannot open C:\Users\MiBosz\Desktop\Xenobot\Versions\..?Data?x b.0025. No such file or directory
    This is an error with user-input and should not be reported as a bug with XenoBot.
    Only healer/auto potion etc are loading. Other not. I'v checked and I have this file. I try to switch/modify - nothing helps.
    When i try to force load script from execute script, then script appears on right corner for half second and then dissapear.
    I'm playing on OTS named hexera.
    Please help guys, dunno what should I do.
    Ty for help.

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