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Thread: Not looting Corym vanguards on OT + looter getting stuck quite frequently

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    Not looting Corym vanguards on OT + looter getting stuck quite frequently

    Hello, I'm currently running the [EK]80+ moneymaker Corym scripts and am having a bit of trouble with it.

    Before I start telling what is wrong, I'd like to let you know that I'm playing on an OT server (CaterOT, a very big brazilian OT).

    The worse problem I'm having is that XenoBot just doesn't open Corym Vanguards bodies. IDK what is going on because it opens all other creatures I've ever tried. I have actually made a simple script just to kill and loot the vanguards, with all the common loot. I confirmed that I had the correct loot on the looter and that the looter was working. I even made sure that the targeting was working. It kills but doesn't loot.

    Other than that, sometimes the same script gets stuck when it tries to loot a creature produce but the backpack is already full. The message "you cannot put more objects in this container" keeps showing up and the character keeps on trying to koot and gets stuck. It does not open the next backpack neither it ignores the loot to continue the hunt.

    Thank you!

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    If just the one creatures loot isnt working just confirm the ID of the corpse in xenobot matches what you are seeing in the server. http://forums.xenobot.net/showthread...ses-to-Xenobot!

    Not sure about the looting getting stuck, just have a second backpack maybe or a script to go into next bp when full to avoid the problem.

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