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okay i understand u got allot on ur plate and or dont play tibia anymore but u should still try to add some new stuff or buy them off the scriptwriters hers to add to the paid version all the scripts for all vocs are like all the same places nothing is new or up to date so hard to get any info anymore we need times lua scripts for new spells and summons please sir
Hi David,

There's already a massive collection of scripts provided by us here. They're fully open sourced here and there's plenty of flexibility to easily create your own waypoints and plug them into the package we've provided. That encompasses your proposal, there's already 160 scripts free to the world. I understand that people want new hunting locations scripted, but that's best left to the paid script market. There's no reason to kill the paid script market by creating scripts for additional hunting locations because without that market, those scripters may take their business elsewhere, ultimately weakening XenoBot in the end. Anyone can take our library and plugin their own waypoints & targeting and launch that script just fine, nearly everything else is automated. If you're unable to do it, you could contact any number of paid scripters here to do it, however, I'd assume their own paid scripts would be cheaper in the long run thus..

My proposal would be to pay for such scripts yourself, as everyone has done for nearly a decade across all Tibia bot forums, or utilize the information I provided at the beginning of this response and easily create your own scripts that take advantage of a very powerful open-sourced library, or hold out until the age of cavebotting on real Tibia dies. Many worlds are already protected by BattlEye, and it is within grasp that the remainder of Tibia's servers will also be protected by BattlEye, preventing anyone from using XenoBot (highly likely that all other public bots will cease to work as well) on real Tibia.

Thank you,