I Looking for a new testers to for my PvP bot.
Working with Aurera, Shivera, Hexera and more.. Don't support Real-Tibia.

It's a few build-in functions:

- Antipush + Pushmax (supported by keys + mouse);
- Fast healing and team support;
- Auto hur, Mana Shield and other conditions;
- Advanced Cure Paralyse;
- Easy multi client control;
- Combo ue/sd/spell;
- Auto magic level train (hold position + shop buy + drink + cast spell) ;
- Basics alarms;
- Xray
- Advertising
- Over 20 additional Shortkeys (SDLAST, PARAMAX, FBOMB, ERING, FASTSSA, MWTARGET, EXIVAT and much more)

More informations : <Click>