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Thread: Honera and Guardia Shielded by BattlEye

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    Honera and Guardia Shielded by BattlEye

    as of June 08, the Optional PvP game worlds Honera and Guardia will be actively shielded by BattlEye.
    From this date on, having BattlEye activated is mandatory to play there. If BattlEye detects a cheating program or a manipulated client, you will not be able to connect and play on the game worlds. Please keep in mind that you will also no longer be able to use the Flash client on Honera and Guardia as well.

    Shielding Honera and Guardia is an intermediate step to gather further information and data concerning the impact of BattlEye on already existing game worldswhat
    do you think
    What's the solution
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    How long will these worlds be protected and what about Xeno?

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