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Thread: [OT] Nastarius RPG - Tibia 7.4 - Lots of Custom Content - STARTING NEXT FRIDAY 18:00

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    [OT] Nastarius RPG - Tibia 7.4 - Lots of Custom Content - STARTING NEXT FRIDAY 18:00

    Nastarius RPG is starting next Friday 18:00 CET!
    Get your friends and let's start rumbling!

    Register your account now at www.nastarius.com and receive a free addon!

    General Information
    Nastarius.com is a lowrate Tibia 7.4 server with all authentic Tibia quests, Tibia map etc. NPCs, exhaust etc.
    Enjoy the nostalgic feeling with a new touch!

    We have implemented a lot of new content to keep things interesting, especially on higher levels. While we keep all main game features alike to Tibia 7.4, you can explore new islands, quests, monsters, items and outfits.

    You can find over 50 new items in Nastarius! Armors with extra max health ( ), weapons with elemental damage ( ), elemental rings, mage weapons with extra max mana and magic level ( ).

    Be the first to complete the Hercule set!

    Free premium
    Unlike other lowrate servers, we offer free premium to all our players! Travel with boats, get promotion and use every premium spell for free!

    Vocation Changes
    We have made several changes to vocations, like buffing druids. Some vocations have new spells, extra melee damage etc. For detailed information about vocation changes, check out: http://www.nastarius.com/?subtopic=serverinfo#vocations

    We have made a trailer to show you some of the content we offer at Nastarius:

    More info?
    You need any more info, check out our detailed server information page at http://www.nastarius.com/?subtopic=serverinfo

    Technical Information
    Client: Custom 7.4 client
    Website: www.nastarius.com
    Exp: 3x
    Skill: 2x
    Magic: 1x
    Regeneration: 2x
    Loot: 1.5x

    Let me know if you have any questions, you can always e-mail me at [email protected] or have a chat with me on Teamspeak (ts.nastarius.com)!


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    good topic! bless!

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