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Thread: Syntax, Joshwa534 read this, please...

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    Question Syntax, Joshwa534 read this, please...


    What happened to OXserver ?

    As you know, RL Tibia coming to an end..... its true.
    Most of players do not want ("x.." exp for coins, and lots of other stuff..)
    Hence, people go out from RL Tibia, but most ppl want to still playing this game.

    You do not want to try again?, and if not, I would like to take with you cooperation.
    I have some, I think good ideas.. You have nothing to lose, you can only earn.
    I will be paying for the server, money earned goes to you. After if the server starts to earn money on himself, I stop him sponsor.

    I do not want to write too much here, so if u can, write to me on e-mail:
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    [email protected]
    @Joshwa534 @Syntax
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    The server will stay offline while one or the other of us casually works on it.
    If it ever gets to the point where WE think it is done and ready to be brought up again it will go back online.

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