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Thread: 7.72 Oldera low rates rpg-pvp-enforced

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    7.72 Oldera low rates rpg-pvp-enforced

    Hello to Xenobot community in happy to announce the start of oldera lowrates server !

    Website: oldera-lowrate.no-ip.org

    The server its online now, want to know if people is interest in play 7.72 version of tibia
    if people are rlly interest on this would help me choose a start day ? can be now ?

    Server is very stable got no bugs founds atleast untill now
    all features as in old tibia of those times
    -Custom client
    -Runes , manas and ammunition (working as in tibia of those times
    -Shared exp party system
    -Wands & rods
    -Port hope & poi quests
    -When you reach levels as 10 ,20 , 30 .... u win 10k !(system)
    -Quests real 100% and some customs too
    -Thora and map added (work in progress)
    -Training offline (just to fun isn't too much the skill u up)
    -The server got low-midd rates so the idea is no make resets to be very stable
    -server 24/7 on hosted on a vps
    -Experience Stages Rates :
    -stage minlevel="1" maxlevel="7" multiplier="20"
    -stage minlevel="8" maxlevel="29" multiplier="15"
    -stage minlevel="30" maxlevel="49" multiplier="10"
    -stage minlevel="50" maxlevel="74" multiplier="7"
    -stage minlevel="75" maxlevel="94" multiplier="5"
    -stage minlevel="95" maxlevel="119" multiplier="3"
    -stage minlevel="120" maxlevel="149" multiplier="2"
    -stage minlevel="150" maxlevel="199" multiplier="2"
    -stage minlevel="200" maxlevel="299" multiplier="2"
    -stage minlevel="300" multiplier="2"

    -Configs Of Rates:

    experienceStages = true
    rateExperience = 3.0
    rateExperienceFromPlayers = 2 (PLAYER KILL EXP)
    levelToOfflineTraining = 0.5
    rateSkill = 5.0
    rateSkillOffline = 1.5
    rateMagic = 3.0
    rateMagicOffline = 0.5
    rateLoot = 2.0
    rateSpawnMin = 1
    rateSpawnMax = 1
    formulaLevel = 4.0
    formulaMagic = 1.0

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    One thread is enough.

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