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Thread: 110+ MS hunting spots

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    110+ MS hunting spots

    hello could anyone advise me on some hunting spots for a 110 MS solo (Mg 71) since my mg level is kinda low im trying to my best to hunt with exoris and waves and trying to avoid using SDs, profit would be nice but not required

    also any hunting spots for teaming with 100 RP?

    im using just support tool and not botting


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    Oramond Minotaurs, Hive, Deeplings (low stages), Worker Golems, Frost Dragons
    Trade history:
    sold 2 x 80 ek to @Bleed [done]
    sold 176 ED Unregistered to @Makkiiee [done]
    sold 263ED and 210 EK to @Dafuq[done]
    sold 190 MS to @smeg[done]
    sold 105 ED to @Merre[done]
    sold 224 MS to @smeg[done]
    sold 322 EK to @nazze[done]
    sold 340 RP to @nuub[done]
    sold 21KK to @Dafuq[done]
    sold 36kk to @janever[done]
    sold 30KK to @Ispiro[done]
    sold brass set on rook to @Tibian [done]
    sold brass set on rook to @Y2Quake [done]

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