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Thread: [Beta] OXTools

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    [Beta] OXTools

    Dear OXTools users,

    I've been extremely busy in real life, and I just recently have been able to jump back on development of The OX Server.
    Once that is complete I'll have time to return to OXTools and deliver a better, updated version.


    Included is a Profile Launcher, IP Changer, CPU Saver, Object Patcher (coming soon), and a XenoBot Script Launcher (and downloader).
    OXTools will safely hide in the taskbar tray when you click the 'X'. You can show it again by double-clicking the tray icon, or right-clicking and clicking 'Open'. Use right-click 'Exit' to completely exit OXTools.
    A few features in 'Profile Launcher' and 'CPU Saver' require OXTools to be continuously running for them to perform as intended.

    Profile Launcher

    You must provide a description and client path. The rest is optional.

    Here you are presented with a list of all your profiles.
    Click 'New' to create a new profile, left-click a profile for launch options, and right-click a profile to edit/remove it.
    Hover your mouse over a profile to get more information. (Character name, IP address (if specified), and XenoBot script name (if specified).
    Use the search field to quickly locate a profile. You can use multiple search terms by separating them with a semicolon (;) [e.g., ox;cm]

    New Profile
    Description This is what you'll see in the profile list.
    Account The account name of the account you want to log in to.
    Password The password of the account you want to log in to.
    Character The name of the character you want to log in to.
    Attack Stance The attack stance you want your player to use. (Offensive, Balanced, and Defensive).
    Reconnect Check if you want your player to reconnect. Includes disconnects, deaths, and server save. Will make 3 attempts at reconnecting with a 10 minute cooldown between each attempt.
    IP IP of the server you want to connect to. Leave empty for official Tibia servers.
    Port Port of the server you want to connect to. Leave empty for official Tibia servers.
    Client Path Path to the Tibia.exe you want to use. Click the '...' to browse.
    Minimize Client Check if you want the client to automatically minimize after launching and logging in.
    Scripts Click to view a list of your scripts for this profile where you can edit/remove them or add new ones.
    *Script in this case means your XenoBot Settings file (.xbst).

    Launch Options (left-click menu)

    Launch This will launch the selected profile.
    Launch In... This will allow you to set a time (in hours, minutes, and seconds) in the future for the profile to launch.
    Launch At... This will allow you to schedule profile launches on specified days at specified times. Times are in 24-hour format (e.g., 00:00:00 is midnight, 15:32:00 is 3:32PM, 04:18:00 is 4:18AM, etc.)
    Launch All This will launch all of your profiles.
    Ignore This Profile When checked, this profile will be ignored when 'Launch All' is activated.

    Profile Launcher Notes
    'Profile Launcher' will automatically patch each client for MC.
    Search includes description, player name, ip (if specified), and script (if specified).
    If you launch an already launched profile, and it is logged in, that client window will be brought to the foreground. This is useful if you have a lot of clients opened and minimized and you want to view a particular client.
    If the launcher detects a 'Sorry' pop-up window, when attempting to login/reconnect, it will stop the attempt and close the client. This will prevent from getting IP-banned. A 'Sorry' window usually means your account/character was deleted.
    'Reconnect' will not interfere with XenoBot's reconnect feature. It is advised to use XenoBot's reconnect feature for deaths and disconnects since it reconnects instantaneously while OXTools will only make an attempt every 10 minutes (which means the first attempt could be up to 10 minutes after your disconnect/death).
    The 'Reconnect' feature must un-minimize a minimized client to attempt to log in. The client will automatically be re-minimized.
    Click on 'Offensive', and continue clicking, to cycle through attack stances when creating a new profile or editing an existing one.
    OXTools will automatically detect if XenoBot is running, and run it if not, before launching a profile with a specified XenoBot script. If this happens, there will be a 2.5 second delay with OXTools to allow XenoBot to fully load and inject (make sure you have auto-inject enabled in XenoSuite).
    A 'Launch In' setting of 0 hours, 0 minutes, and 0 seconds will not launch the profile when you click 'Confirm'. You can use this to cancel a scheduled 'Launch In' launch.
    Make sure the days you want to schedule a launch are checked in 'Launch At' before clicking 'Confirm', or they will not be used.
    Uncheck all days, and then click 'Confirm', to remove all scheduled 'Launch At' launches.
    'Launch In' and 'Launch At' scheduled launches are not saved if OXTools is closed (either by you, computer restart, crash, etc.). So you will have to reenter them.
    Left-Click on the time values in 'Launch At' to increase them. Right-click to decrease them.

    Scripts Notes
    You can now add more than one script to a profile.
    When you create a new, or edit an existing, profile, instead of a 'Script Path' you can click on 'Scripts' to be presented with the 'Scripts' window where you can add, edit, and remove scripts.

    Scripts have gained the ability for level and stamina conditions.
    The level condition is greater-than-or-equal-to, while the stamina condition is less-than-or-equal-to.
    In this case, a script with level 0 and stamina of 42:00 would be considered a default script since your character's level will always be greater-than-or-equal-to 0, and it's stamina will always be less-than-or-equal-to 42:00.
    Left-click on the hour and minute values for stamina to increase them. Right-click to decrease them.
    If you have more than one script with the same conditions, OXTools will always use the last one. So it's best to only have one script per condition combination.
    Conditions are only checked after login (after initial launch and/or reconnect).

    Scripts are listed by script name.
    You can hover over a script to see more information (include level and stamina conditions).

    IP Changer

    Here you are presented with a list of all your IPs.
    Click 'New' to add a new IP, left-click an IP to launch a client and change it's IP, right-click an IP to edit/remove it.
    'Quick Changer' will change the IP of the last opened client.
    'IP Changer' will automatically patch each client for MC.

    CPU Saver

    CPU Saver Notes
    'CPU Saver' will limit the number of times the client redraws from once every 10 milliseconds to once ever second. This will greatly reduce CPU usage, and allow you to have more clients running than you would normally.
    When enabled, the CPU saver will work on every client that is already running, and every client that runs afterwards.
    Check 'Only Minimized Clients' if you want the CPU saver to only be active on minimized clients. Otherwise, every client that isn't focused will be actively patched.
    This works exactly like WindAddons. However, unlike WindAddons, OXTools doesn't inject any code into the client, and, instead, actively patches each client itself. While all bugs have seem to be fixed during Alpha testing, there's always a chance for bugs/crashes. If OXTools crashes while a client is patched then the client will completely stop drawing, and will, seemingly, not respond to anything you do. HOWEVER, the client is still active, and still performing any, and all, actions. If you were botting, it will continue to walk, attack, loot, etc., and you can open a new client and login, or use your script's logout feature on XenoMonitor if it has one, before closing that client.
    If you exit OXTools completely (either by right-clicking the tray icon and clicking 'Exit', or killing it via Task Manager), all clients that are being actively patched will be restored to their normal state.

    Object Patcher

    Coming Soon
    This will allow you to modify items/sprites. E.g., you can replace new magic walls with old ones, replace trees with bushes to see behind them, and even creatures with inanimate objects.

    XenoBot Script Launcher

    Here you are presented with a list of all your XenoBot scripts.
    Left-click a script to run it (where you'll get the 'XenoBot Settings' window to choose a client to run it in).
    Right-click a script to delete it (will delete it from your XenoBot Settings folder in your 'Documents').
    Use the search field to quickly locate a script. You can use multiple search terms by separating them with a semicolon (;) [e.g., ek;100;yalahar]
    'Get Scripts' will allow you to search and download from the Official XenoBot Scripts just like with XenoBot Binary.

    Get Scripts

    Here you are presented with a list of all the current Official XenoBot Scripts. (List is updated every time you visit this window so it is always up-to-date.)
    Left-click a script to download it. (You'll automatically be able to see, and run, it in your scripts list when you go back.)
    Hover your mouse over a script to get more information. (Vocation, level, script type (casual, hardcore, moneymaker, and powergamer).
    Use the search field to quickly locate a script. You can use multiple search terms by separating them with a semicolon (;) [e.g., ed;hardcore;port hope]

    'Get Scripts' Filter

    Here you can filter the Official XenoBot Scripts for download by vocation, level range, and script type.
    You can use filters and the search field together for a precise search experience.

    Windows XP SP3 or newer
    .NET 4.0
    OXTools must be ran as administrator


    How much is OXTools?
    OXTools is a completely free application for anyone to use. Whether you're a XenoBot user, or not*.
    *Some XenoBot script-related features may not fully work without a XenoBot subscription.

    What client versions are supported?
    7.0+, and it's built to auto-update with new clients (unless CipSoft makes a change to their client in which case OXTools will need to be updated.)

    Can I use it with custom clients?
    Theoretically, OXTools should work fine with custom clients. However, if you find a custom client that doesn't work, please report it to me and I'll see about fixing it.

    Does it work with OTClient?
    No. It only works with CipSoft's official clients.

    Will I get banned/deleted by CipSoft for using OXTools?

    Why do I have to use my account information to use the 'Profile Launcher'?
    Because that is how the 'Profile Launcher' works. Otherwise, what purpose would it serve?

    Is my account information safe?
    Yes. OXTools encrypts the file used to store your account information.

    How do I know you won't steal my account information?
    I have no desire to steal from you. I haven't actively played Tibia since 2007.
    If you have trust issues, the only time OXTools connects to the web is when you click on 'Get Scripts' in 'XenoBot Script Launcher', and when you download a script from that window. You're more than welcome to block OXTools from accessing the internet via your firewall.

    Can you add authenticator support?
    This would require you to use OXTools as your authenticator application. Meaning, you would have to use OXTools to get a token every time you log in, whether on the website or through the client. You wouldn't be able to use your mobile application. Until I can implement a good way of doing this there will not be authenticator support. Sorry.

    My virus scanner says that OXTools is a trojan/virus. How come?
    It's likely that your virus scanner is detecting one of two things, or both. First, OXTools uses Win32 APIs such as ReadProcessMemory and WriteProcessMemory to properly function which a lot of AVs will flag. Second, because of sensitive code, OXTools is packed (obfuscated) using ConfuserEx which a lot of AVs will not hesitate to flag.

    You "hacked" my account!
    While not really a question, you can rest assured that I did not "hack" your account. Like I stated before, I have no interest in your account/characters/items/gold/etc.
    Be sure that you're only downloading OXTools from this post/link. Do NOT download it from a third-party.

    Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Please report bugs to me via PM, or here in this thread, so that I can fix them as soon as possible.
    You're also more than welcome to make any suggestions you'd like as far as features, design improvements, etc.

    Note to all Alpha testers
    Please delete all the files in %appdata%\OXTools\ to ensure there are no problems when using this Beta build.

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    Great program

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    So many happy campers now.

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    Lov it thanks

    #1 DEALS!
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    edit: can we donate to keep you motivated improving this?

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    authenticator plz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2Quakepc2 View Post

    edit: can we donate to keep you motivated improving this?
    Donations are not necessary, but if you must you can send me something through PayPal: [email protected]
    I would accept Tibia items/cash/etc., but I do not play.

    Quote Originally Posted by alehopper View Post
    authenticator plz
    That's not possible...

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    Looks nice.

    Posted this at 3AM? Get some sleep, bro. You probably need it.
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    Cool shit, been waiting for this
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    Quote Originally Posted by J.Dre View Post
    Looks nice.

    Posted this at 3AM? Get some sleep, bro. You probably need it.
    I did, haha, and I just woke up, and I have to work in a few hours.

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