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Thread: ★★★ [ SolidScripts ] ★★★ Binary Ready 200+ Scripts 100% AFK HUD Quick Support

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    Just buy the script for glooth bandits south and it was spending money, I do not know what we can do, it surrounds itself and it dies always, even before entering dead by glooth fairys, I do not know if I could have a scrip change please, like seacrestground west i will send extra 2USD

    And i just send u a DM

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    I dont find any info about this. And would love help. Im playing on a tibia server called masteria. Scripts works good and bot and everything. But Lua files doesnt work. They dont sort backpacks right, doesnt check supplys and ignores that. just skips directly to hunt all time. Please help:/

    "17:07 XenoScript Error:
    Script: [100+ EK] Apes -2.xblua
    Line #: 3545
    Chunk: [string "C:\Users\Fille\DOCUME~1\XenoBot\Scripts\\_1.. ."]
    Error: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
    This is an error with user-input and should not be reported as a bug with XenoBo"
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