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Thread: Magebomb / Combo-Bot Script

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    Thumbs up Magebomb / Combo-Bot Script

    Hello Everyone,
    I'm offering my Magebomb / Combo-Bot Script for Xenobot

    What does it Do?
    • Allows 1 leader and 10 followers
    • Clients form and hold 1 or 2 organized line(s)
    • Ability to do high burst damage with synchronized SD and Area spell attacks
    • Automatic SD not requiring leader to shoot first
    • Clients use mana potions each-other when low
    • Wild Growth and Paralyzes Targets from list
    • Ability to change leader in seconds and continue fighting
    • Ability to charge players and trash under self blocking them
    • Ability to create trap layouts in game, when trap is called all spots are blocked with MW or WG
    • Surrounds idle players in Wild Growth runes in under a second
    • Ability automatically follow the leader up Ladders, Stairs, Rope spots and Grates
    • Heal a list of specific players, Add/remove players ingame
    • Heads up display shows MCs Mana, Supplies with colors indicating specific amounts and players targeted by AutoSD or Paralyze.
    • Private Command channel to type commands in, which allows the use of ingame hotkeys

    v1.0 Youtube Video

    Current Version - 12.0

    Credit to @Syntax for exura sio script
    Credit to @drac0ner for help improving follower


    • backup - the MCS will change the combo leader to whoever says backup IF you have followed step 2 in settings and BackupEnabled = true
    • ladder - Script will right click your position. (do not move script delay can be up to 2 sec)
    • local status - says item counts in local chat [Not as useful now that HUD has been added]
    • status - private messages item count
    • go right/up/left/down - will right click square to the direction you intended, then step onto it (note does not work with stairs.)
    • hurup/hurdown u/r/l/d - faces the direction told and hurs up/down
    • food - throws food underneath you
    • travel CITY - >>> hi, CITY, yes. in NPC chat
    • heal add PLAYERNAME - Requires correct Capitilization, Player will be healed via exura sio
    • heal remove - removes the last player added (only use after you have at least added one player to heal, you may delete yourself off the list.
    • heal - all MCS say exura gran mas res
    • yell WORDS
    • say WORDS
    • outfit CREATURE
    • outfit off - stops 'outfit' module
    • summon - will summon last 'outfit' they were.
    • rfollow on/off - follow goes backwards ( only useful if you can control last dancer (lead))
    • 2follow on/off - they make 2 lines of 5
    • follow on/off - they make a large line of 10
    • d/r/l/u - mwalls down/right/left/up of your position
    • dd/ll/rr/uu - mwalls down/right/left/up of MC Fives Position: useful for blocking path behind you.
    • mw PLAYERNAME - Mwalls around a player (Capitilization REQUIRED)
    • wg PLAYERNAME - WGwalls around a player [Note: dwg is timed between client and is the better option]
    • faceup/faceright/facedown/faceup - they change direction
    • right/left/up/down - moves one square in direction
    • rright/lleft/uup/ddown - moves multiple times in direction
    • fire - MC's use firebomb runes on themselves.
    List of Players that MCs will actively aim to trap.
    • addtrap PLAYERNAME - Adds PLAYERNAME to the trap list (wild growth trap)
    • removetrap -- removes last added player from trap list
    • autotrap on - Turns on trap
    • autotrap off - Turns trap off
    • dwg PLAYERNAME -- (delayed wild growth), an improved version of 'wg' that is slightly delayed so all MC's fire at the same time instead of as soon as they recieve order
    • ue - Synchronized UE default spell is: UESpell = "exevo gran mas frigo"
    • changeue SPELLNAME - changes the spell cast when 'ue' is ordered.
    Automatic Paralyze ( First MC will spam para on anyone on the list who is on screen )
    • addpara PLAYERNAME - Adds PLAYERNAME to the paralyze list
    • removepara - removes last player from the paralyze list
    • para on - On
    • para off - Off
    Dynamic Magic Wall and Wild Growth Traps - Using chat, create groups of positions to block
    • trap # add mw - Adds current position to be blocked with MW
    • trap # add wg - Adds current position to be blocked with WG
    • trap # remove - Remove players current position from trap
    • trap # clear - Clears all locations for the trap

    Zerg - MCs will surround a player and trash under themselves, trapping the target.
    • zerg PLAYERNAME - All MCs will chase the target until he moves 5 squares. If reached trash under self
    • zerg off - MCs stop following target and stop trashing
    Dynamic Wall Trap now allows for both MW and WG runes to be used
    • trap # add mw - Adds current position to be blocked with MW
    • trap # add wg - Adds current position to be blocked with WG

    MCs will now mana potion other MCs and Leader when they are low on mana
    • manafriend on - to enable
    • manafriend off - to disable (on by default)

    Paralyze improved, is now used by MCOne, MCTwo, MCSix, MCSeven, instantly paralyzes after target casts para-breaking spell

    Automatic MC Supply Pickups

    MCs will take GMP and SDs from underneath them. Once they have the specified capacity left they throw spares down the line.
    • pickup cap [capacity]
    • pickup off - to disable

    Pickup a specific amount of a choosen item
    MCs will take specified item id from under them until they have the specified amount.
    Once they have the specified amount they throw spares down the line. (Throw items under first MC)
    • pickup have [amount] [item ID]
    • pickup off - to disable

    Throw an amount of an item under leader
    • throw [Amount] [Item ID] - to enable

    Automatic following leader up/down (ramps, stairs, sewers, and rope spots)
    Note: This uses IDs of ramps/stairs to traverse. If you find a ramp/hole ID that i missed message me and add it in
    Magebomb All MCs [CONFIG].lua under floorChangeIDs until an update is released
    • floorfollow on - to enable
    • floorfollow off - to disable (off by default, see All MCs [Config])

    AutoSD will SD specific players on screen
    • autosd on - to enable
    • autosd off - to disable (off by default)
    • autosd add playerName - to start targeting a player
    • autosd remove playerName - to stop targeting a player
    • autosd clear - to clear all players from the list

    Added In-Game help
    • help - to see help available
    • help follow, help trap, help autosd - get information on a specific command

    Improved Zerg
    If the target is surrounded, MCs not adjacent to the target will
    follow a character who is beside the target. Will follow non-MC
    adjacent characters before MCs

    Improved Dynamic Wall trap layouts
    The first 10 spots added now have a designated shooter
    For this reason, it is much faster.

    HUD displays status of AutoSD and Para commands including added players

    Zerg will now stack more trash if a fire/energy/poison field is used on them

    Added more floor change IDs (ladders, stairs)

    MCs will now loot bodies taking item IDs/Names from itemsToTakeFromBodies in config.
    If MC does not have enough cap or bp space will throw to leader. After body is looted MC will msg leader with
    a list of items picked up
    • lootbodies on
    • lootbodies off

    Added ability to trigger Dynamic Wall Traps automatically when a specific player walks on a 'trigger' square
    • trap 1 add trigger - Will add a trigger on the spot you are standing on
    • trap trigger on/off - Stop/Start watching for players to stand on trigger (On by default in config)
    • trap trigger add PLAYER - if this player steps on any trigger spots for ALL traps, the corresponding trap will activate
    • trap trigger remove PLAYER - Remove previously added player

    Added Magic Wall player trap, surrounds a player in MW runes
    • mw PLAYERNAME - Will surround a target in magic walls
    • mwhole PLAYERNAME - will surround a target in magic walls, the wall closest to leader will be a Wild Growth wall

    SDs and/or GMPs are disabled automatically for the following commands so that the MC is not exhausted.
    • Mana potions are disabled while Trap is triggered
    • Mana potions are disabled while Magic Wall and Wild Growth traps are running
    • Mana potions and SDs are disabled for MCs who paralyze(1,2,5,6) if a paralyze target was seen recently
    • Mana potions will not be disabled if the MCs percent of mana is below 'ManaPercentRequiredToDisableManas' in All MCs Config

    Frag helpers are now automatically setup when leader script is started
    sets the Frag helper for Frag Helper 1-10, Leader Reset and All MCs.xbst to the names in the leader config file

    Fixed script getting stuck while MCs try to follow leader up/down floors.

    Integrated AutoSD and Paralyze to work together
    You can now run both at the same time, if paralyzing MCs havent seen para target recently they
    will autosd, otherwise they will paralyze.

    Added functionality to automatically target skulled players in Trap and Paralyze
    trap add skulls -- If a skulled player walks on a trigger spot, use the trap
    trap remove skulls
    para add skulls -- If a skulled player is on screen, paralyze them
    para remove skulls

    'ladder self'
    MCs will right click under themselves.

    MCs will search undernearth leader for a sewer. Moving up to 5 trash items then using sewer.

    Switched from file i/o communication to IPC
    Commands should have less delay now

    Queing Commands
    The script will only read the last command sent.
    This prevents accidentally queing a minute of commands.
    Commands that are instant can be queued

    Merged Configs into one file

    Fill mana during inaction
    If the MC is not doing anything it will top off its mana.
    That way when fighting, the script wont be fighting exhaust with the built in healer at 60% etc.

    Added hotkeys to change players in AutoSD, AutoPara and Trap Triggers
    Insert + Control to zerg
    Insert + Shift to stop zerging

    To change AutoSD use End
    To change AutoPara use Page Down
    To change Trap Trigger use Page Up

    Shift + hotkey will remove
    Control + hotkey will add
    Shift + Control + hotkey will clear list

    Home will add/remove last targetted player to AutoSD

    Delete will add/remove last targeted player to AutoSD and AutoPara

    'buysupply' - Automatically buys X amount of an item from an NPC and throws it under the first MC.
    • buysupply AMOUNT ITEMID. For example, to buy 1200 GMPs would be buysupply 1200 238

    You should no longer be prompted to replace/skip when loading the settings.

    Script Source Released for Free!

    Anyone can now download this script unencrypted for free.

    If you want to port this script to another bot or use snips of code feel free to, however I do NOT give permission for people to use significant amounts of this code AND sell it for profit FOR Xenobot.

    Thank you to everyone who purchased this script over the last four years!

    Download: Uploadfiles.io or TinyUpload
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    firebomb under self Done
    avalanche target Possible Addition
    use manapotion on <playername> Unlikely Addition
    Automatically potion low mana MCs Done
    if one of the players is below x amount of mana, druids spam sio on him till he is mana'ed up to x% Rejected
    put flowers around you when target is trapped Rejected (Drops trash instead)
    Able to use up to 20 characters Possible Addition
    3 Line Follow Unlikely Addition
    If person follow off screen, walk to their position Possible Addition
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    I tried to make this as failproof as i could so,,, wall of pictures.

    Once you have downloaded the zip file, right click and extract it to the "Xenobot" folder in your "Documents"

    After Extracting open Scipts and find "Magebomb All MCs.lua", open it with either sublime text, notepad++, notepad or any other text editor.

    Find This area in the script and change the names to your characters.
    LeaderName is the player you control as seen in the following image.
    The Capitalization of the names must be correct.

    Save and Close
    In the Scripts folder open "Magebomb Leader.lua"
    At the top of the file there are 3 commands you can change.

    UseHud: Whether you want a Hud to be displayed on your screen, true = yes, false = no hud

    MaxGMP: This is the maximum amount of Great Mana Potions your MCs will carry.
    MaxSD: This is the maximum amount of Sudden Death Runes your MCs will carry.

    Save and Close

    Now that you have configured the files

    Note: If prompted to "Replace" or "Skip" choose skip.

    Run: Anoyns Magebomb Leader Settings on LeaderName
    Run: Anoyns Magebomb All MCs Settings on everyone else
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    thanks, for sure ill try this out soon

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    hahahaha, this looks fukkin awsome, GOOD JOB DUDE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jikoe View Post
    thanks, for sure ill try this out soon
    No problem,
    I sure enjoyed it, hope you do too

    Quote Originally Posted by rihop View Post
    hahahaha, this looks fukkin awsome, GOOD JOB DUDE!
    Thanks ^.^

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    i load this script and he kick me on tibia

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    me to i have 4 characters
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    Hahahaha this looks amazing. I always did the same too on OT's, but with waaay less functions. Will definitely check this out, thanks for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dyzio001 View Post
    i load this script and he kick me on tibia
    Quote Originally Posted by Sivini View Post
    me to i have 4 characters
    Can you guys explain your problem? can you tell me what steps you did to set it up?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexione View Post
    Hahahaha this looks amazing. I always did the same too on OT's, but with waaay less functions. Will definitely check this out, thanks for sharing!
    Your welcome, Always is cool to start a project and watch it progress

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