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Thread: Youtube videos skipping to the end!

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    Youtube videos skipping to the end!

    Heyo there!

    I dunno what's going on, but for past week or two I've been experiencing weird issue on youtube.com

    Some videos buffer to certain point and then while you watch video it just skips to the end. If you want to watch a whole video you have to refresh the page and click with your mouse somewhere over that certain point. I've searched on Google and some people are having the same issue ... Am I the only one here on XenoBot forums? Or does anyone else experiencing that as well?

    I've been using Mozilla Firefox for ages ... Some said I should try Googe Chrome and I did, issue is still there.

    Might be just temporarily issue with youtube servers or ... ? Cuz it's getting pretty annoying now.

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    It maybe works that if you update Adobe Flosh Player to the latest version.
    Here are the useful tips to deal with Youtube videos errors http://www.videoconverterfactory.com...s-lagging.html
    You can try it, as well.

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