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Thread: Who You Gonna Call?

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    Who You Gonna Call?

    XenoBot Developer and sole proprietor. Handles all payments and updates, and the only one who can do anything involving XenoBot's code. Should be contacted only in the case of major bugs or payment issues.

    XenoBot Technical support agent. Most reliable source of information about how the bot works and interacts with the client aside from DarkstaR. Should be contacted only for critical technical support and trouble-shooting questions.

    Official XenoBot Script Developer. Develops and maintains the Lua in the Official XenoBot repository.

    Official XenoBot Script Developer. Develops and maintains scripts in the Official XenoBot repository.

    , Messed Around, Spectrus
    XenoBot upper moderation staff. These members are our founding staff and should be treated with respect. They normally keep the forums clean, but can be personally contacted in the event of serious rule violations.

    All other moderators should also be treated with the same respect as any other staff. The lower (green-name) moderators should be contacted for general forum help and rule enforcement.
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