View Full Version : Provide Scripts!

11-13-2012, 10:27 PM
This is not a request, and I'm tired of saying it, so this post is going to be very direct. If you report a bug, be prepared to provide the scripts which cause the bug. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. I need your script, in it's entirety, to properly fix a bug.

Common excuses for not providing a script:
But, DarkstaR, my script is paid.
PM it to me, then. A paid script is worth $0 if it doesn't work.

But, DarkstaR, it happens with every script!

Maybe every script you've made contains a common function or feature which is bugged.
Maybe its your computer or some other specific issue. By testing a script which you're sure it happens with, I can determine it's not script-specific and figure out why you are experiencing it without blindly concentrating on script.
Maybe you're retarded and doing something wrong, then blaming the bot for it.

But, DarkstaR, this script worked last update.
Cool shit. I didn't have the script last update, either. Give it to me and shut up.

But, DarkstaR, you can grab the script yourself from XX thread.
Just upload the damn script for me so I am absolutely sure it is the right one.

But, DarkstaR, I feel like complaining more about the bug and blatantly ignoring your request for scripts. I'm not even going to give an excuse, I'm just going to fucking ignore the fact that you're trying your best to help me and I'm being a jackass.
Have fun with the ban!

But, DarkstaR, I have some other excuse.
Cool, provide your script along with it.

The best way to get shit fixed is to give me what I need to fix it. If you think you know better than I do, about software I wrote, you're fucking stupid and wrong. Give me the script or get the fuck out.