View Full Version : Question about MC and walking through players.

04-20-2018, 04:28 PM
Hi all, I'm evaluating the bot and have some questions that I hope the community can help with.

First of all, I'm a programmer who enjoys more making the AFK scripts than playing the game lol. For that I configured a 4x MC on a NON-PVP OT.

Some questions:

_How I disable PVP-SAFE from the internal Magic Shooter of the bot? I'm on a NON-PVP server and the area spells aren't triggered when players are on screen. For now, I manually configured a shooter script and I'm not using the internal one.

_The functions lib have any method for Party Invitation / Acceptance? I created a Alarm script that tells me if one of the clients aren't in the party (disconnect reasons), but can't find a function for auto inviting this member and toggling Enable Share XP. This automation would be a must for AFK MC scripts that runs between server restarts.

_In this OT server I can pass through players using arrow keys. But for some reason if there is a player standing in a narrow corridor, the Walker tells me that Xenobot wasn't able to trace a path to the waypoint (tried with mapclicking pathfinder and without mapclicking). If passing through players isn't automated in the library, is possible to trigger a secondary waypoint automatically?