View Full Version : lua use stairs

12-12-2015, 09:14 PM
How do you get the walker to use the stairs in lua

I've found the Self.WalkTo function but it fails for stairs.

--- Self walk to
-- Walks to a location specified by the paramaters. Will fight with walker/targeter/looter, use wisely.
-- param x the x part of the location
-- param y the y part of the location
-- param z the z part of the location
-- @return boolean true when location reached, or false if on different floor, out of range, or failed to reach after 2 seconds of retries
Self.WalkTo = doSelfWalkTo

I'm decently sure you could do this via the nodes in the walker system, but I would like to avoid doing that for my script since there aren't many location I'm using, and all of them are reliant on conditions via lua.