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12-07-2015, 08:21 PM

Last night i rewrote a yalahar bog raiders script for paladins (my original was corrupt and i saved over it with a different script by mistake).

I tested it, and everything went fine. So i went afk to see how it coped whilst afk.

When i returned someone had closed the doors in tigers and trapped the bot (i couldnt be bothered adding a door checker, it was late and it just needed to work basic for now)

I xlogged and then today i logged in, to notice i had no softboots and my backpacks seemed to have loot/items in them that it shouldnt put there. (I also noticed i hadnt saved the targetting properly, as i used 2 profiles whilst making waypoints, and didnt update both, though i was using an updated version, when i xlogged i lost the changes made to targetting/looting, so pretty sure everything was fine on the version i was actually using)

So, my first instinct was to check i didnt leave them in dp by mistake, and checked all DP's i could. Next i checked i didnt deposit them in a bp in my dp with my loot. Then i checked all the backpacks on my character incase it got mixed up with the loot in that somehow.

At this point i wasnt sure if i even had them whilst testing script.
Thankfully, the alarms set, saved a screenshot of my character which showed i had both pairs of softboots on that character. So my paladin DEFINATELY had the softboots.

So, after seeing all my loot wasnt in the right backpacks my next question is. "F**KING HELL, DID THIS TRASH BOT/SCRIPT THROW MY BOOTS INTO A COPRSE OR ON GROUND"...

Well, im using the same softboots changing script ive used for a while. And its never done this before. From what i can tell, it doesnt even work if the boots are not in the right backpack, if it doesnt detect softboots or BoH in the designated backpack it wont move them, and if it does it only moves them into that backpack...

function equipSoftBoots()
local BOOTS1ID = 6529 -- Soft Boots ID
local BOOTS2ID = 3079 -- Other Boots ID
local MANATOEQUIP = 750 -- Mana Amount to equip Soft Boots
local MANATOUNEQUIP = 820 -- Mana Amount to equip Other Boots
local BACKPACKNAME = 'Backpack Of Holding' -- Backpack where Boots are in


local Backpack = Container.GetByName(BACKPACKNAME)
if (Self.Mana() <= MANATOEQUIP) and (Self.Feet().id ~= 3549) then
for Spot = 0, Backpack:ItemCount() do
local Boots = Backpack:GetItemData(Spot)
if (Boots.id == BOOTS1ID) then
Backpack:MoveItemToEquipment(Spot, "feet")
elseif (Self.Mana() >= MANATOUNEQUIP) and (Self.Feet().id ~= BOOTS2ID) then
for Spot = 0, Backpack:ItemCount() do
local Boots = Backpack:GetItemData(Spot)
if (Boots.id == BOOTS2ID) then
Backpack:MoveItemToEquipment(Spot, "feet")

while (true) do

Is it possible this script screwed up and as soon as the bp of holding got full with gold/loot etc (which it shouldnt have but meh, it was for unknown reason, bp resetter screwing up perhaps, or looter throwing all loot into bp 1) did it then open up the next bp it saw, and put boots into that?

Assuming that i was afk and trapped, its safe to guess i gained full mana, and therefore my script changed to BoH instead of Softs. Then maybe it put them in a corpse? but it would only move the active pair from slot to backpack (or corpse). Not both. as it can only be wearing one. And from what i can tell it usually replaces them from the slot, not moves one and then equips the other.

So to my question..... Does anyone have any idea, how ive lost my softboots? Nobody knows my account/pass as far as i know (if im hacked i wouldnt know) And if i was hacked, i dont understand why they take only 2 pairs of softboots, and not all my cash + 2kk of eq.

12-08-2015, 11:47 AM
Your empty flask dropper threw them on the ground. If you have your potions in the same backpack as your soft boots (or play an ot where empty flasks always end up in your main backpack) you must run your flask dropper and soft changer as modules in the same thread.