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11-30-2015, 03:01 AM
Its been a long time now, and im desperate to finally get this script made to complete a script of my own.

Im aware there is a script to your character use a spell (exori, hells core, divine caldera etc) when a monster goes invisible, and also its possible to use a run on yourself (GFB, Avalanche etc).

What i need is a script that shoots the area run in the last known location of the invisble creature. This is because some creatures like Lizard Dragon Priest and Warlocks are ranged, and therefore a self cast GFB/Avalanche/Thunderstorm/Stoneshower rune would not reveal them.

I have seen some of the scripts that i have purchased seem to posess the ability to do this in some way or another (Mostly ank tomb scripts) and wondered if anyone would be an absolute legend and help me make this a possibility so i can finish my script.

The legend that helps will ofcourse recieve a copy of my script when it is complete!!!

11-30-2015, 03:15 AM
The Ankh tomb scrips work by casting an aoe spell on yourself when you take damage from a Stalker while you don't have a target. This method would not work for you.

Making the script you're looking for would be quite a hassle. You need to keep track of where creatures disappear, then you have to check if they left a corpse behind and to do this you'd need the ids of the fresh corpses for all relevant creatures (if you use the name you run into problems with old corpses, and if you use a generic "dead", "slain" etc method it gets even less accurate). Then you'll also have issues with pvp safety, unthrowable locations and fighting the regular magic shooter.

It's possible, but it's a lot of work and at least in my mind it's not worth the effort.

11-30-2015, 05:07 AM
Someone could adapt a lua magic shooter to do what you're doing, but it's a lot of work.
Good luck, hope you find it, that would be fun to have.

edit, nvm it was easy: http://forums.xenobot.net/showthread.php?39587-Invisible-Monster-Shooter&p=460068