View Full Version : Few suggestions + minor bugs

11-07-2011, 01:23 PM
I made a list of things im missing/aren't working correctly the passed few day.
Some of them might have already been fixed because it's also partly from xeno 2.0

- Keep distance from creature is weird (sometimes it seems conflicting with the waypoints / doesn't know what to do at dead ends)
- Keep distance also doesnt mind thing that cant be shoot trough
- There a delay before looting which makes ur char first walk away and then walk back
- Sometimes the bot gets stuck at a ropespot
- The bot often crashed when injecting (When I have mc opened | watching tibiacast on the other client)
- The bot sometimes crashes when I load settings while walking mapclicked

- If x mana say .. (= scripter ;p)
- Only loot if an item which is in the looter is looted
- Option to refill mana to x after the monster(s) on the screen are killed, if mana drops under y when monster(s) on screen also mana (dno if thats scripter)
- Add scripts section on forum
- Hide all functions of the bot when taking a screenshot
- Ability to set the HUD exp bar 'Main Top'
- HUD loot -> Hide gp/food option
- Targeting 'all other creatures'
- Also run from creatures that are not targetted

If I find or come up with anything else I will also post it here

11-07-2011, 10:09 PM
I'll look into this. Some of these things are already on my todo list, others I'll add. Some are planned for a while down the road but wont be immediate. Thanks.