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05-07-2014, 03:53 PM
yesterday I read about the join aggression bug. With this bug you can hold sbs skull or pz lock out from a protection zone forever till ss. I tried to use it but it didnt work..... can somebody please explain me how it works or even send me a video?
i got sb pz locked with a rs char and tried join aggression but it didnt work. why it didnt work? I play open pvp.

05-07-2014, 04:28 PM
player[1] == skulled on player[2]
player[2] is in a guild or party
player[3] + player[4] is in the same guild as player[2] or in the same party, if they are in the same guild they make a party and joins aggression on player[2]

There's also:
player[1] == orange & pz-lock on player[2]
player[3] is in a guild and takes skull on player[2]
player[4] + player[5] is in the same guild as player[3] and they make a party and join aggression on player[3]

Might be errors in the do how but thats how I recall doing it, only did it once tho and the second option is what happend to us and no I don't recall that you have to have in-human speed to do this

05-07-2014, 04:55 PM
in a not-human-like speed.

I personally haven't made it yet but guild mates and they did it manually all the time. I think the point is you need to click "join agression" before the pk loses the skull. I think it takes 1 min to lose the skull once you dont have monsters/players atking you, so it just needs to be within a minute (what i think). The reason why everyone is asking for a bot script is that you want to hold this guy's pz for a very long time, mostly to next ss or whatever, so u can solo him when he is mad from staying on pc and healing. Nobody can stay 12h online as a human and click "join agression" every minute.