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05-16-2011, 03:54 AM
This update introduces the first draft of our new HUD (Heads Up Display) system, as well as fixes a few bugs.

The HUD will actively display information about the following:

Monsters you've killed
Recent loot messages
Magic Walls you've shot (if they are off-screen)
Spells you've casted
Damage you've dealt
Damage you've taken
Your current target
Your current leader (creature you have on follow)
The last person you casted exiva on

Along with displaying data, the HUD further advanced user preference by allowing the user to choose the position of each item on screen. Possible screen locations are as follows:

Top Right [Game Window]
Top Center [Game Window]
Top Left [Game Window]
Center Left [Game Window]
Bottom Left [Game Window]
Bottom Center [Game Window]
Bottom Right [Game Window]
Center Right [Game Window]
Center [Game Window]
Top Left [Main Window]
Top Right [Main Window]
Bottom Left [Main Window]
Bottom Right [Main Window]
Trail Mouse

Lastly, you can also select a color for each item individually.


In the next update, I intent to further the amount of customization of the HUD, as well as add more information to it. This is just an initial release to gain feedback and possibly hammer out any bugs.


Fixed many visual overlaps
Fixed some UI issues causing which caused stranger behavior when logged out
Highly optimized drawing techniques -- FPS shouldn't drop as much when running now
Added "HUD" Dialog Window
Added "Recent Loot" to "HUD"
Added "Spell Timers" to "HUD"
Added "Kill Counters" to "HUD"
Added "Magic Wall Timers" to "HUD"
Made "HUD" positioning fully customizable
Made "HUD" coloring fully customizableFor download and operation instructions, refer back to this thread:

05-22-2011, 03:35 PM
It looks great so far :D