View Full Version : [Update] Pre-Release v1.2.2

03-22-2011, 08:26 PM
Please excuse the delayed release, but as you can see I got a lot done.
Remember, the settings system may still be buggy so avoid loading or saving during dangerous situations. Please report all bugs you find in detail and be prompt when doing so. Thank you.


Fixed debug when opening a dialog when client is fully downsized
Fixed a few noted memory leaks
Modified and tweaked UI system to be more efficient, new bugs might surface
Modified many internals and added some behind-the-scenes interfaces for future use, new bugs may surface
Added "Settings" to XenoBot Out Of Game window
Added "Startup Items" to Settings
Added Saving and Loading of Settings
Added multiple Profile support for settings
Added Renaming of Settings
Added Saving and Loading of individual items within a Setting Profile


Firstly, I've noticed that, if the website fails to respond to verification (in event of network issues or DDoS) then one of these two things can be true upon any use:
1. Injector will fail to show. An error message will pop up after a moment, but the bot will not allow another instance of the injector. In this case, you must find and close "Injector.exe" in task manager
2. After injecting, its possible the bot will not show itself within the client. It is highly recommended that you restart you client and do not continue to play with a half-injected bot. It will also not allow you to re-inject on said client.

Secondly, please refrain from modifying active controls. This means, for instance, do not change your healing spell while healing is enabled.

Both of these problems will be dealt with next update, but due to my lack of swiftness I wanted to promptly release the setting system.For download and operation instructions, refer back to this thread: