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02-17-2013, 05:09 PM
I have this question , I bought a tibia character off a person on XB 2 days ago. I payed 120$ usd on paypal (Gift) to the person that was selling the account. % min after i send my money i check my details page on paypal and it says i have successfully transferd 120usd to him. 3 min after i check my paypal account i get a pm from him on skype saying paypal is going over my payment and will take 24 hours to process the payment. I have bought many things from paypal from 20$ - 200$ and never had this issue, Was wondering if i was getting thrown into a big loop of lies and im being scammed or this really happends and i have to wait 24 hours + weekend for the full transaction is secured. Please help meh!!!

Ps- I waited that 24 hours and he keeps saying the transaction hasn't been secured and hes telling me maybe its because the weekend....

02-17-2013, 09:15 PM
someimes paypal does these things :s its freaking annoying but no fault of the seller :s

Edit: Sorry for spelling. im drunk :s

02-17-2013, 09:30 PM
I've had this once before when trading with a known scammer, though this case could be either way, heres an explanation of why it happened to me:

Paypal look at all transactions in the same way, automatically, when they are first issued. The system will flag up any transaction which they suspect could loose them money (fraudulent etc transfers). They then pass the transaction on to a team who handles such cases, and they review all the information in the trade (any comments in the purchase notes etc) to see what they will do if either party files a chargeback or complains somehow.

The reason that they marked my payment, personally, as being suspicious is because the person I was buying from had an open chargeback at the time. I was, of course, fully aware of this, so I emailed paypal and they told me they can't disclose, then he emailed them and they told him everything, he forwarded it to me. Basically, because he had an active chargeback, someone had to review the payment that was being made and basically made a decision that if I complained with any real reasoning I would receive a full refund, unless I could be proven wrong. The decision was made at 10.30AM on a Saturday morning, though.

My best advise in this situation would be to not proceed with the trade until you hear back from Paypal. If you'd been given access to the account and that access has been revoked, you should probably cancel the trade completely (stinks of a scam to me). If you hadn't been given access to the account at all, make a comment on the trade (you should be able to add notes, or at the very least send an email to Paypal asking them to consider the delay in the transfer of funds when considering any potential future chargeback). The reason for this is that if it gets to 30 days and the guy hacks back the account, they might look at it and say "it's been 30 days and you haven't complained, so it is no longer relevant and we can't help you."

If you want advise on who you're trading with, feel free to put a name out there, if it's someone somebody knows it may be useful just to hear that they are or are not safe to trade with.

02-17-2013, 10:24 PM
i dont think the weekend has anything to do with it, about the delay payment it happens, not trying to scare you but sounds like scammer.com/becareful :<

02-18-2013, 06:43 AM
Well , The guy i was buying this account from showed me details of the money being under review but the thing is that is fishy to me is that it never showed up anything on my paypal showing the payment was under review all it said was "Payment was completed". I have not yet got the account info and i have filed a dispute with paypal about this. I hope i get hear back soon , or better news from XB forums!

02-18-2013, 04:42 PM
this is normal , sometimes paypal review all the payments , not is fault of the seller