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01-16-2012, 03:33 PM
Hey all!
Been' trying this bot out for some days now. Me, like many others, have some suggestions for it to be the best bot on the market, so here's my 2 cents so far.

Looting while caveboting is a issue. First of all the lack of options on the looting settings. Like some mentioned in earlier posts Xenobot loots everything that dies around you. Add a option like the neobot had with "loot only listed items" to save time and increase exprate while caveboting. And you should make a checkbox for starting the looting and not a 'rightclick enable-disable option' so you can add items onto the list during time without having to pause the looting.
Also, it doesnt sleep the cavebot when looting. In many cases it jukes back and forth between looting a corpse and going to the next nod and thats pretty stupid because it misses out on a lot of loot.

And for targeting. When there is more then one monster around you the bot tense to target pretty random, and therefor the random target in many cases is the monster furthest away from you. Makes you, again, lose time and money due to more healing and supply waste. Onto the targeting setting there should be like settings to control if you should target most dangerous monster first or just the closest ect.
And for us mage players, add additional spells so we can use our strong spells while caveboting. Also here, like I mentioned in the looting part, instead of the 'rightclick enable-disable option' of targeting add a checkbox for when to enable or disable the targeting so you can adjust or add monsters over time.

For caveboting I think most of the thing everyone requests are in motion like actions and stuff.


Flappy Joe
01-16-2012, 04:11 PM
Your points have been mentioned several times in suggestions and we take on board what everyone says and work on it.

Without saying too much, I know that the looting will improve, however I don't know if the list of options will be available.

Sor Jack
01-17-2012, 01:06 AM
Floppy Jimmy, it could be. The 'loot listed items' woud be an amazing thing.
I see no reason to haven't it on Xeno.