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  1. [Tutorial] How to use the Scripter
  2. [Tool] Neobot -> XenoBot Waypoint Converter
  3. [Reference] XenoBot F.A.Q.
  4. [Tool] Loot / Deposit List Creator
  5. [Tutorial] How to open a .XBST or .LUA file.
  6. [Tutorial] XenoBOT: Beginning.
  7. [Tutorial] Lua Tutorial by Spectrus
  8. [Tutorial] Botting on Linux
  9. [Reference] [Official] Item ID List
  10. [Tutorial] How to make full afk script.
  11. [Tutorial] 100% AFK Script Making
  12. [Tutorial] Module Tutorial
  13. [Tutorial] Beginner Tutorial
  14. [Reference] Xenobot Lua Documentation
  15. [Code] Camouflaging Lua Code
  16. [Reference] Links to all XenoBot versions ordered by Tibia Client versions
  17. [Code] [AutoIT] Automatic TibiaMaps installer
  18. [Code] Random waypoint generation
  19. [Reference] [Sublime Text] LUA Completation for Xenobot
  20. [Reference] PFS Libs
  21. [Tutorial] [PL] Polski Tutorial na Waypoint 100% AFK
  22. [Tutorial] Understanding Errors
  23. [Tutorial] "for 'something' do" EXPLAINED
  24. [Tutorial] XenoBot Basic - with pictures
  25. [Reference] Xenobot Lua Documentation
  26. [Tool] Tibia and Xenobot OSX
  27. [Tutorial] How do i Properly MC
  28. [Tutorial] Criando waypoint 100% (Basico)
  29. How the depositer works?
  30. [Advanced] Modular Label Handling
  31. [Tutorial] How to add OT creature corpses to Xenobot!
  32. [Tutorial] Need Tutorial for make scripts
  33. [Tutorial] [Posting new thread with scripts or screenshots? Check it before]
  34. [Tutorial] [PL] Jak zrobić skrypt 100% AFK od podstaw
  35. [Tutorial] Check for transfer scripts.
  36. base lua file
  37. [Tutorial] !SOUL POINTS!
  40. Beginner Scriptor
  41. Scripting help :)
  42. How to make luas working?
  43. Beginner needs help!
  44. Where can bot a ek 100 + to make profit?
  45. [Code] Need a little help with talking to a NPC
  46. Bot wont attack
  47. Xenobot help with targeting. My character jumping/blocking when click target VIDEO/SS
  48. Money picker
  49. Help me with starting the scripts :P
  50. xenobot flask dropper
  51. How to set up bp and dp
  52. [Code] Moving stuff from one bp to another [HELP]
  53. Help
  54. Configs & More
  55. Need help with lua script :) use item on ground/wall
  56. Failed to connect xenobot server
  57. Absolutely New to This
  58. Can anyone tell me if its possible to make this
  59. Targeting help
  60. Best VPS To Use?
  61. Modal Windows
  62. Stop Targeting
  63. [Code] Obfuscate my .lua
  64. Edytowanie gotowych skryptůw HELP
  65. help plz <<<<<<<<<<<<,
  66. Won't cast attack spells when another player is near.