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  1. DarkstaR's Lua Scripts
  2. IMPORTANT: Rules regarding Dice Scripts
  3. Magebomb / Combo-Bot Script
  4. shAdOwArt's Lua Scripts
  5. Foulwerp's Scripts
  6. Lua Scripts
  7. Invisible Monster Shooter
  8. Just hate or love
  9. Anoyn's Scripts
  10. Simple Private Message Leaders!
  11. Shaelex's scripts.
  12. Spammer Script Package [+ Online List Grabber]
  13. A Nice Idea I had and want to share with you guys :D
  14. Protecting your own script, make it for X persons only. :D
  15. <Selling> mad mage script
  16. Follow - My First Script
  17. Some1 wanted wanted some HUD
  18. Item Sorter .Lua script
  19. Alternative to XenoBot HUD
  20. Easy Mana Trainer - V1.0
  21. Reset BPs with same name/ID
  22. Slime Trainer
  23. How to make in script "CLICK/USE" on juicy root?
  24. Sorcerer Advance energy ring equiper , help
  25. Berserker/Mastermind etc Potion Drinker. With small HUD.
  26. Improved Items Mover ( multi items )
  27. Sorcerer Any larva cave Ankh SCRIPT
  28. Sorcerer Bomber script
  29. Click reuse
  30. Alarm when get level 8
  31. Pick up Crystal coins
  32. problem with selling boots of haste
  33. Anyone Know if have scripts for paladin that: Dont Loot if have more than "x" arrows?
  34. gold onto platinum-> plat...
  36. Something random i made, thought i'd share it
  37. StrongHaste if not Warlock on screen
  38. magic wall/grow wild renew
  39. HUD like Eliscripts?
  40. Calculator for manual dicers (Only cc's with the automatic calculator atm)
  41. Knight Stop exori cast request.
  42. Withdraw woi from inbox
  43. Help fix Slime remover script
  44. Potion next to the shop
  45. Hotkeys binded to modules~
  46. Drop Gold if Cap below X
  47. How to get this to work on xenobot?
  48. HELP PLS
  49. LUA Mana Potions
  50. [Looking For]Advertising Messanger Script
  51. SynHUD or other HUDs?
  52. HELP - sell item to npc
  53. Inbox withdrawer, always withdraw 31 items no more no less :S
  54. Buying Antipush and Autopush script for directions surrounding me.
  55. Looking for a script that reload my script when label says so :D
  56. Paladin I Pay $$$ I have a Few Ideas
  57. Need help with this lua file
  58. scripts
  59. Looter
  60. Open bps when reconnect?
  61. Follow Script
  62. <Request> Multi combo type script
  63. Deposit problem(10.94 OT)
  64. scripts sio
  65. Player on screen
  66. When X sd exit/close client
  67. Help Me
  68. Selling Adrax' Dice Script!
  69. Move Items from X backpack to Y backpack
  70. Help, use X on X on the ground
  71. Disable Tools
  72. Lua script to open next bp
  73. Player on screen > go to label
  74. HOUSETRAINER [Magic level] with Ultimate mana potions! I WILL PAY!!!
  75. Attack with multiple runes
  76. Magic lever trainer help
  77. Paladin drop and equip spears
  78. Auto answer on local chat
  79. Shadowhud
  80. Food script
  81. [Request] Loot Sorter for Demons
  82. Doors
  83. How to use this script ?
  84. Druid please help sio lua dont work when update 10.96
  85. Druid Suddent Death Rune
  86. move items from bp to bp with checker
  87. door check
  88. [Depositer Backpack]
  89. Fast looting gold script.
  90. Knight Help!! Knight Script
  91. Druid Anti KS scrip
  92. How to move items from browse field to your backpack
  93. Use item from bp to ground/catapulte
  94. Druid No Soul, then Logout
  95. How can i fix loot from script . lua ?
  96. Drop Scarab Coin on TP
  97. stop walker (cavebot) when x mana/ x% mana
  98. i need alarm when capcity <= x, and gold counter
  99. sound alert when killed X, A monsters
  100. Druid Heal Friend
  101. Paladin Attack Monsters XX after the character reach label XX
  102. Knight Dont make exori when x people around
  103. Script to logout
  104. skill timer for knight
  105. Display PM's
  106. Knight if target less than X hp, stop attack or change target
  107. Slime Trainer
  108. utamo and exit when x amount of x monsters on screen
  109. Drop and pickup gold - lua help
  110. screenshots when skill lvl up
  111. sefl skills
  112. Paladin Refiler 100%afk
  113. A script which will be put a wild growth rune.
  114. Need script to change weapon if target is ghost or Pirate Ghost
  115. if killed X monsters, then go to label gototask
  116. Druid yy sio???????????????
  117. Paladin Paladin Moneymaker
  118. Take gold from ground
  119. Knight Killing script
  120. Knight Scripts Lua, Noob on xeno, the scripts dont run
  121. Follow Script Help please!
  122. deposit on right dp only?
  123. Druid Equip energy ring
  124. rust remover
  125. soft boots changer
  126. Script speer
  127. empty bp
  128. Druid Logout Script
  129. Dice Script ?
  130. Paladin obsidian knife
  131. Keyboard input
  132. Loot Spidris or another custom monster in OT
  133. help depositer
  134. Using item on antenas/pores
  135. Use X Hotkey If Health % Drops below X
  136. Spider Web Destroyer
  137. casino script HELP
  138. Stop looting spear
  140. help me please
  141. Magic level script-i need
  143. Lecture subjects Inbox
  144. Paladin Request: Stop looting spears if amount is X (on left hand)
  145. Request: If position(x,y,z) gotolabel X / If died and reconnected, goto label X
  146. (Request) Use fishing rod on water ele after loot
  147. Request
  149. REQUEST
  150. Paladin traning
  151. Crearute List By Resistance
  152. Player attack alarm go to label
  153. rune shooter script [Working but not finished]
  154. Wand changer
  155. Potrzebuje FULL AFKA
  156. Open BP on ground, under mine character or (z,y,z)
  157. trap afk 100%
  158. MoveItemToContainer
  159. Library and settings
  160. Go to label if low supply
  161. Dynamic supply
  162. Please Help (20 sec rune)
  163. Request alarm script if gm on screen
  164. NEED scpriter pay transfer tibia coins fast
  165. Druid ANTI RS SCRIPT
  166. HUD
  167. Use item(id) from backpack(main) on ground (x,y,z)
  168. Quite complex script
  169. Speed Set script changer, HotKey ( !speed)
  170. Reconnect + reopen bp
  171. Pinata Dragon
  172. Items from depot into backpacks
  173. open reward chest and put to backpack please help
  174. Mana pot check
  175. Withdraw Script
  176. Script check player and enable walker
  178. Selling loot script
  179. please help with loot pinata dragon or open reward chest then take items to main bp
  180. lua scrip for event
  181. Knight Deeplings Task Counting Rounds.
  182. How to make a simple gold depositer?
  183. Need script. Use strong haste when exit spawn and walking to the spawn.
  185. Xenobot Sio
  186. Knight When player on screen, stealth ring+exit.
  187. script - Blacklist
  188. When a capacity is full, throw the monsters items on the ground.
  189. Can you make this script?(dice)
  190. Buy mana potion
  191. sd shooter?
  192. Spell spam rotating exura vita/invis
  193. Knight Lootting script
  194. Knight Need lua script for healing rune fast plx
  195. Execute Scripter on hotkey or keyword?
  196. Aller When pop-up message comes
  197. Simple For Loop
  198. Want to BUY 100% AFK DP Casino
  199. Knight corps opener
  201. Knight help with this script
  202. Manas From DP to BP
  203. Follow script
  204. Lootting
  205. script
  206. Need help!
  207. I loooking script use energy ring >Player atak
  208. Magic Level Training 100% Afk ?
  209. need mana from ground
  210. Escape spawn when pk.
  211. xlog when frag
  212. Need help i need script item xxxx from backpack put on backpack golden
  213. ive tried a few i need a Auto Amulet lua
  214. Sorcerer PVP Auto ATK for pvp ?
  215. Druid Helo help action
  216. Request: Cast enchant party when in a party, not buffed and party member in range
  217. Plz help <<<<<<<<<<,,
  218. Please help:)
  220. Sorcerer Utamo Vita when PK on screen
  221. TIMED SPELLS LUA ?????
  222. Any way to set ammo
  223. Smart looter & depositer
  224. Paladin Summoner
  225. Sorcerer Ultimate healing rune on friend
  226. Knight Help ScriptS!
  227. Knight If got White Skull go to ...
  228. Knight Skullfrost
  229. Conservative Spell Caster by SHADOWART
  230. How to right-click when a gold/platinum coin pile reaches 100? (useful for OT)
  231. Reload Script in .lua
  232. Shortcuts?
  233. xenobot party scprit arlam rate items in hudd loot channel
  234. open corps and looting money
  235. Paladin Rust Remover
  236. xenobot problem with files lua (scripter)
  237. ultimate mana potions from depo do backpack
  238. Untarget if target is x sqm from me
  239. Sorcerer need script to use potion on self (ultimate mana potion)
  240. Move item from XYZ to XYZ or Trash bin (FAST PLEASE)
  241. using avalanche on war wolf if I'm warned by war wolf
  242. switch on utana vid per 200 second
  243. Rainbow shield enchant
  244. with items from reward chest
  245. Paladin Spectral bolts or Prismatic bolts
  246. Creature Alarm .lua
  247. If label then open depo and inbox, and withdraw items to 100 cap